Organised Activities

Our ethos in regards to activities is they are an integral part of care and are not considered an optional extra. We support the residents to enable to live life the way they choose with meaning and purpose and activities are based on this philosophy.

Our residents are always encouraged and supported to play an active part in the life of the local community. Social activities are wide ranging and are being continuously developed to meet ongoing needs and requests. Events as diverse as cinema and theatre, concerts, pub visits, ten-pin bowling, shopping, swimming, horse riding and walking regularly take place. Each resident has the opportunity to attend a church of their choice if they so wish to.


Each 1-1 activity is planned for a time during the day which suits the individual, each resident is given a choice of a varied range of different activities they would like to do, for those who do not have the understanding due to their current health condition, these activities are based on their likes and interests in the past but still taking in to account their current needs.

Group activities are planned following discussions with the residents. Weekly there is a residents meeting/forum held, for the residents who do not like to attend for different/personal reasons the activity coordinator goes to see them individually.

In house activities are discussed such as different art and craft activities, needle work, woodwork, cooking, gardening, games, exercise, reminiscing, reading and writing, puzzles, model making, paper mache, card making,

Trips out are also discussed such as to the theatre, cinema, meals out, discos, shopping , afternoon tea, horse riding, swimming,  trips to different place  - seaside, zoo’s/farms, steam railways, stock car racing, holiday destinations, garden centres, boat trips to name just a few.

Once discussions have taken place a weekly planner is produced, this is in a written format and also includes pictures relating to the activity.

Various activities

There are a number of group and therapy session held in and out of the care setting – horticultural session which is learning about nature, wildlife, making homes for animals, making own produce such as apple juice, jams, elderflower drink. The residents get to use garden tools and spend time out in the garden cutting trees, digging etc.

  • Music sessions, a few therapist come in over the month, one brings his instruments and every one sings, dances and gets the chance to play instruments themselves, another therapist comes in and karaoke sessions are held,
  • Aromatherapist visits the home every two weeks and gives 1-1 time to residents who wish to have a foot and lower leg massage, hand and arm massages
  • Sports coach visits - various ball games are played indoors in the winter months and out in the garden in the warmer months.
  • Books beyond words group is held at local library, a number of people gets together from the area, a picture story telling book is passed around and each person tells a story from the picture
  • Arts connect group hold 8 weekly sessions on various activities such as photography, drama, making things to use and wear, dance, creating creatures.
  • Sussex Downs College currently hold a course once a week called My choice – each week they do different things such as planting, money, cooking, writing – this course is an accredited course
  • Sports for all in Eastbourne, boccia and bowls group – group meet once a week.
  • Knitting group in Uckfield – a group where people get together have cups of tea and knit whilst chatting, based in Uckfield
  • Monthly disco’s which are held in a local pub, called Kiss my Disco
  • Throughout the year various groups/companies come in to the home and hold different shows such as summer holiday, a Christmas pantomime,
  • Animal groups such as Owls about town –
  • Zoolab – they brought in snakes, tarantula, giant snail, cockroach, rabbit where the residents could hold the animals, a talk was given about each animal.
  • The local church hold an in-house church once a month – all residents are welcome to attend if they wish
  • Each Sunday we support residents to go to their choice of place of worship – currently St Phillips Catholic Church in Uckfield and the Methodist church in Buxted.

1-1 Sessions

Sessions are held with residents who require more support from staff, do not like to go in to the activity room as they prefer to stay on the unit they live or are bedbound.

The different type of activities delivered/offered are sensory – coloured lights, different textured items,

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Painting and art work
  • Games such as snakes and ladders, puzzles, Velcro darts, throwing games such as bean bags in to targets
  • Bead making
  • Art and craft – card making, painting, drawing, model making

Benefits of personal centered activities

  • Less incidents of negative behaviour is shown
  • Integration with the community
  • Reduce of isolation
  • Increase in independence
  • Residents more confident,
  • Residents have a voice they make their own choices and decisions, more vocal
  • Active life style
  • Improvement in wellbeing and health