Activity Timetable










10.30-12.30pm   10.30-1pm   10-12pm   9.45-11.45am   9.30-11.30am
Tea/ coffee and shopping   Swimming and shopping   Arts and Crafts   College Course   Arts and Crafts
10-11.30am   1-1.30pm   10.30-12.30pm   10-11am   10.30-1pm
Group Meeting - Morning Tea   Session with Resident   Shopping   1-1 sessions   Shopping & morning tea / coffee
11.30-12.30pm   1.30-2pm   1-2pm   11-11.30am   11.30-12.30pm
Walk down the lanes   1-1 session with Resident   1-1 session with Resident   Resident session   Walk down the lanes
1-1.30pm   2-2.30pm   2-3pm   11.30-12pm   1.30-4pm
Session in activity room   1-1 session with Resident   Music session   Session with Resident   Shopping & afternoon refreshments
1.30-2pm   2.30-3pm   3-4pm   12-12.30pm   1-2pm
Resident session   Games in main hall   Arts and Crafts   1-1 session with Resident   Arts and Crafts
2-2.30pm   3-4pm   2-4pm   1-2pm   2-3pm
1-1 session with Resident   Arts and Crafts   Outing   Bingo   Ball Games
2.30-4pm   2-4pm       2-3pm    
Arts and Crafts   Shopping and refreshments       Arts and Crafts